Our mission.
Your well-being.

Slovenian origin.
Tradition of Mother Earth.

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Choose from a wide range of CBD hemp products of the highest quality and proven origin.

Our promise

Trusted quality

With quality and integrity, we strive for the highest standards of CBD products. We swear by the transparency of the workmanship, so you can really count on us.

The fruit of our land and our hard work

We have set high standards that can only be achieved by cultivating our own land and with complete dedication to work.

Committed to cooperation and dissemination of knowledge

We believe that the key to success lies in cooperation. We therefore pass on the acquired knowledge to others and strive for continuous progress and development.

From seed to finished product

We firmly believe that the best comes from the earth itself, so we rolled up our sleeves and with dedication and a lot of effort created a trustworthy story – AGROSLOVEN.

In the age of global digitalization, we are going back to nature. With responsibility to society and Slovenian land, with respect for the long tradition of agriculture and thinking about the future.

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