We spend sleeping a third of our lives. Do we know what sleep really is?

Sleep is a natural physical state in which the body regenerates, accumulates energy and strengthens memories. When we sleep, we don’t know the surroundings, but we go through four or five sleep cycles:

  • drowsiness (transition from waking state to sleep),
  • sleep (slowing down of brain waves, heart rate and lowering body temperature)
  • two levels of deep sleep (slowing of breathing, deep, breathless sleep) and• REM sleep. REM sleep means the active sleep phase in which most dreams occur. This phase is characterized by intense brain activity, faster shallow breathing and accelerated heart rate.

What causes insomnia?

Our body needs an average of seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Sleep problems are caused by several factors. Among the most common are: stress, anxiety, illness, irregular diet at bedtime and other problems. Insomnia is the most common among sleep disorders.  It can be short-term insomnia as a result of daily stress and emotional agitation. While this is not a danger to health, it affects the concentration the next day, which may be felt at work, which requires concentration and accountability.


If sleep problems last more than one month at least three times a week, we are talking about chronic insomnia. In this one, the man has trouble sleeping, he wakes up a lot at night, sleep is of poor quality and he wakes up prematurely in the morning. All this results in distress at night and fatigue during the day. Of course, this is a very serious problem that we are trying to resolve with all our forces. We are aware that our mental and physical health is at risk.

CBD sleep drops – impact on sleep cycle and wakefulness

Some research suggests that cannabinoid CBD can work with specific receptors, which can affect the sleep and wake cycle.


Healthy night sleep concept. Sleep mask, calming hemp tea and hemp capsules on silk lilac background.

CBD cannabinoid by its action affects the serotonin, dopamine and nervous systems. This means it affects mood, energy, composure, pain, anxiety and sleep. 

How can CBD sleep drops help?

  • CBD helps reduce anxiety in insomnia,
  • calms the brain and body,
  • reduces anxiety,
  • affect both sleepiness and alertness,
  • decreases cortisol levels
  • pain as a cause of insomnia.
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To relieve insomnia can be used cannabinoid CBD in several forms:      

  • as CBD oil for oral use,
  • as CBD oil for lubrication,
  • CBD as an additive to food,
  • CBD for evaporation,
  • CBD as a tincture.

New research is accelerating in this area, too, but according to the data so far, in the case of short-term or chronic insomnia, it is certainly recommended to rely on cannabinoid CBD