Our story

Our story emerged from a pure friendship, shared values ​​and life goals. In a rapidly changing world, we felt a great desire to go back to basics, nature that is. 

In the age of rapid technological advancement, have felt a strong sense of responsibility towards the society and creating user-friendly as well as planet-friendly solutions. We saw the future in hemp, nature and society-friendly herald of a new era.

It was clear that only high standards and taking a firm stance would keep us in the company of the best. Striving for progress and development, we realized that we need new solutions, so we devoted all our efforts into our own production.

Today, we are still building our vision on transparency and the highest possible quality, in harmony with planet-friendly agricultural practices. Similar to the sprouting seed we plant in the ground, our knowledge has been growing through experience over the years.

Working hand in hand with local farmers and networking with like-minded people, we have overcome many initial challenges and established ourselves on the market as a trusted consumer brand. We are continuing our journey of self-initiative accompanied by a sense of curiosity, so spread your wings and prepare to fly with us.