CBD for animals

cbd for animals

All vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system, including domestic animals.

Unfortunately, the field of action of cannabinoids on domestic animals is somewhat less researched, but there are certain guidelines in this regard. Cannabinoids are known to interact with endocannabinoid receptors. These are located both in the central (CB1 receptors) and in the peripheral nervous system (CB2 receptors).

Cooperation means maintaining balance or internal homeostasis in the body and keeping the organism in a healthy state.

How does CBD work for animals?

In the nervous system of animals there are also endocannabinoid receptors with which cannabinoids interact. This affects their regulation of internal homeostasis and the proper functioning of the organism.

  • EFFECT ON ANIMAL PAIN: pain can be the result of various factors such as injuries, fractures, operations, accidents, age… in this case, CBD for animals affects pain reduction, faster cell regeneration and affects chronic conditions.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFFECT: CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect and, in the case of autoimmune diseases, also immunosuppressive.
  • REDUCTION OF FEAR, ANXIETY AND AGGRESSION IN ANIMALS: Animals can be affected by factors that cause fear and anxiety: fear of storms, lightning, fear of driving a car and, for example, fear of other dogs. These can be very stressful factors. /a> to which animals may react with flight, panic or aggression. The CBD cannabinoid has an anti-stress and calming effect, so the animal can eventually calm down.
  • EFFECTS ON THE SKIN AND HAIR OF ANIMALS: skin, as the largest organ in both humans and animals, needs daily care and care to function optimally.

    Problems that can appear on the animal’s skin are various allergies, hair loss, skin growths, tumors, atopic dermatitis, poor hair texture, and the list goes on.

    The animal’s affected skin is usually very itchy and triggers scratching and biting. This, of course, additionally causes redness and inflammation of the skin.

    CBD products for local use (CBD oils, creams, shampoos) and CBD oil for oral use can help a lot to solve problems, as they relieve skin itching, have an anti-inflammatory effect and influence the growth and regeneration of skin cells .
  • EPILEPSY IN ANIMALS: that’s right. Even animals can suffer from epileptic seizures.

    Veterinarians usually prescribe drugs in the case of epilepsy, but unfortunately, as a side effect, they have a negative effect on the liver and other organs. Medicines may also not work.

    As an alternative option, research was conducted regarding the effect of CBD cannabinoid on epileptic seizures in animals. The result was surprising, as almost 90% of the animals had a reduction in attacks.
    Of course, it is the ability of the CBD cannabinoid to cooperate with the endocannabinoid system and brain receptors.
  • HEALTH OF BONES AND JOINTS: here we can talk about problems due to injuries or due to the age of the animal. Animals are also affected by arthritic pain, which only increases with age. In case of arthritis, both massage and consumption of CBD oil are recommended.

What is the difference between CBD oil for humans and CBD oil for animals?

None! In products for animals, there are usually only additives (eg fish oil) to improve the taste of the product itself.
How do we give animals CBD oil?

The best way is to drip CBD oil on a snack or briquette that your furry friend eats. When applying CBD oil to the fur or skin of an animal, we can help with a spray. Water-soluble CBD drops can be dripped directly into water.

How do we dose CBD oil for animals?

Try our online calculator for using CBD drops for dogs or ask us a question in live chat. We will be happy to help you.

CBD Drops Usage Calculator for Dogs

CBD concentration:
Light conditions
More difficult conditions
Body weight of the dog:
Recommended dosage for your dog:
Your dog needs...
Dogs need 0.5 mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight to relieve the problem. CBD drops for dogs usually contain 500 mg of CBD (CBD drops 5%). 1 drop contains approximately 0.42 mg of CBD. This means that a dog can consume 1 drop of CBD oil 2 times a day per kilogram of body weight.

What should you pay attention to?

If you and your vet decide to try CBD cannabinoid for your pet: 

  • don’t buy a CBD product based on the selling price alone – it is true that the quality and purity of the product is usually associated with a higher price, but be very careful that the product does not contain toxic substances or heavy metals,
  • buy a natural product, not a product of unknown origin,
  • make sure that the manufacturer or seller has laboratory analysis of the product,
  • if only you can buy CBD oil because this product is best suited for domestic animals,
  • ask for the option of consultation.

Again, it depends on the weight and age of the animal, and of course on the functioning of the organism. A strain that works well in one animal will not necessarily work the same way in another. The nutrition of the animal is also important, we must be aware that the animal also needs a sufficient amount of water.

When dealing with more serious conditions, we decide on a larger and stronger dose of CBD oil several times a day. It is important to be patient with each intake, because it is precisely patience that is crucial for successful operation.

Also at AGROSLOVEN we have rich range of CBD drops for pets.

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