Compassion, Integrity and Excellence

Our story sprouted in 2015 from pure friendship, shared values and life goals. In a rapidly developing world, we sensed a great desire to return to the very essence, nature.
In a time of rapid technological progress, we felt a great responsibility towards society and the creation of user-friendly and earth-friendly solutions. We saw the future in hemp, an environmentally and socially friendly harbinger of a new era.

It was clear that only high standards and a firm attitude would keep us in the company of the best. In the pursuit of progress and development, we realized that we needed new solutions, so we focused all our efforts on our own production.

Even today, we build our vision on transparency and the highest quality, in harmony with earth-friendly agricultural practices. As a seed that is planted in the ground germinates, so our knowledge grew with years of experience.

By cooperating with local farmers and connecting with like-minded people, we overcame many initial challenges and established ourselves as a trusted brand on the market. We fly forward on the wings of self-initiative and curiosity, join us on this exciting journey.

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A natural solution to problems

Natural, Slovenian hemp drops Agrosloven can be used to relieve chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation and insomnia.

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Matija CemazarMatija Cemazar
10:16 21 Dec 23
Martina MozetičMartina Mozetič
08:55 11 Nov 23
ines bukovnikines bukovnik
17:45 21 Sep 23
17:15 21 Jun 23
I have tried hemp tea and before going to bed I drink 1 cup with a spoonful of hemp honey and the mint tea takes me to a nice peaceful sleep. I love hemp tea...I recommend the tea to everyone who wants to have a peaceful night....lp
Marinka MarinkaMarinka Marinka
12:31 08 Jun 23
Blaz KukovicBlaz Kukovic
18:53 31 May 23
I notice concrete improvement in sleep and memory. Started with 5% CBD +3% CBG. I recommend!
Miran UrbasMiran Urbas
11:53 31 May 23
I tried the CBD drops from Agrosloven and the effect is exactly as described on the website, it calms and improves sleep.I really recommend it to anyone who has problems with stress and sleep.
15:21 25 May 23
I had problems sleeping, constant stress...I still remember the first morning after I tried the drops for the first time, the first time I stood up I had a big smile, there was not a bit of fatigue!
Rok SlamaRok Slama
16:17 05 May 23
After a long stressful period, I tried drops for relaxation and sleep for the first time. The stress gradually decreased, I felt more calm, and my sleep improved drastically. Now I wake up in the morning satisfied and sleepy.