General Terms and Conditions

  1. General

These General Terms and Conditions are prepared in accordance with the regulations on consumer protection, based on the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and international codes for online and electronic commerce. The Agrosloven online store (hereinafter referred to as “the online store”) is operated by Agrosloven z.o.o., Trstenik 1C, 4204 Golnik (hereinafter referred to as “the Merchant”).

Merchant and its address: Agrosloven z.o.o., Trstenik 1C, 4204 Golnik

Registration number: 7293135000

VAT identification number: SI73331333

By registering with the online store, the visitor obtains a username, which is the same as his/her email address, and a password, which is chosen by the user. The user’s username and password unequivocally identify and link the user with the entered data. By registering, the visitor confirms and guarantees that he/she is a legal adult and fully business-capable person. By making a purchase, the user becomes a customer.

These General Terms and Conditions define the operation of the online store, the rights and obligations of the visitor, user, and customer, as well as the business relationship between the Merchant and the user as a customer of the products offered in the online store.

The content on the website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical consultation. We advise the customer to consult with their personal doctor regarding the usefulness of our advice and suggestions based on their health condition.

  1. Accessibility of Information

The Merchant undertakes to always provide the user with:

  • data on the Merchant’s identity (in particular, the name and registered office of the company, as well as the registration number);
  • contact information that enables the user to communicate quickly and efficiently with the Merchant (e-mail address, telephone, etc.);
  • information on the essential characteristics of the products or services offered in the online store, including after-sales services and warranties;
  • information on the availability of products or services offered in the online store;
  • method and conditions of delivery of products or execution of services, in particular, the place and time of delivery;
  • information on the method of payment;
  • data on the validity period of the offer from the online store;
  • information on the deadline for withdrawal from the contract and the conditions for withdrawal;
  • information on the possibility of returning products and whether and how much such a return costs the user;
  • information on the user complaint procedure and contact person of the Merchant for communication with the user.
  1. Offer of Products, Delivery Time, Collection, and Payment Methods

Due to the nature of online business, the product offer in the online store changes and updates frequently and quickly. Therefore, errors may occur. Please inform us about them at email: [email protected]. We will try to correct them as soon as possible.

3.1 Delivery deadline

For all products with a delivery address in Slovenia, the delivery deadline specified on the product page in the online store applies. Each product in the online store is available within a reasonable time.

3.2 Product collection and payment methods

Payment for ordered products

You can pay for ordered products on Agrosloven using:

  • Credit or debit card (BA, Maestro, Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, Karanta)
  • Cash on delivery (service charge is €0.99) Delivery of ordered products

Delivery is only possible to addresses in the Republic of Slovenia. The products are delivered by GLS Slovenia. The GLS Slovenia courier will call you upon delivery to arrange package collection.

Delivery cost via GLS Slovenia

The delivery cost depends on the order amount:

  • For orders up to €29.99, the delivery cost is €3.99
  • For orders above €29.99, delivery is free The delivery cost is the same for the whole of Slovenia.
  1. Prices

All prices in the online store are in euros and include VAT unless otherwise stated. All prices in the online store are for products only and do not include delivery costs (see point 3). All prices are valid only for electronic orders of products through the online store.

All prices are valid at the time of ordering and do not have a predetermined validity, so they only apply until they are changed. Despite exceptional efforts to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information, it is possible that the price information is incorrect.

  1. Purchase procedure

5.1 Order received

After placing an order, the user (buyer) receives a notification from the Merchant by email that the order has been received. The user (buyer) can always access comprehensive information on the status and content of each order in his/her profile on the Merchant’s website.

5.2 Order confirmed

If the user (buyer) does not cancel the order, the order will be processed further. After receiving the order, the Merchant reviews it, verifies the availability of the ordered products and confirms or rejects the order with a reason. The Merchant may contact the user (buyer) to verify the data or ensure the accuracy of the delivery in a way that the user has allowed or through the contact provided during the purchase. When the order is confirmed, the Merchant notifies the user (buyer) by email of the estimated delivery time. The sales contract for the purchase of the ordered products between the user (buyer) and the Merchant is irrevocably concluded at this stage (see point 6).

5.3 Goods dispatched

The Merchant prepares the ordered products within the agreed period. In the email from the previous paragraph, the Merchant also informs the user (buyer) about the return policy for the products and provides contact persons in case of complaints or delivery delays.

  1. Sales Agreement

The merchant issues a written invoice with a breakdown of costs and an explanation of the right to withdraw from the purchase and return the purchased item if necessary and possible to the user who buys a product from the online store. The sales agreement in the form of a purchase order is stored electronically on the merchant’s server and is accessible to the user (buyer) at any time in their user profile.

From this moment on, all prices and other purchase conditions are fixed and apply to both the merchant and the user (buyer).

  1. Right to Withdraw from Purchase, Product Returns

The user (buyer) has the right to contact the merchant via email at [email protected] within 14 days from the date of receipt of the ordered products and inform them that they are withdrawing from the sales agreement, without stating a reason for such a decision. The return of purchased products to the merchant within the deadline for withdrawal from the sales agreement counts as a notice of withdrawal. The only cost that the user (buyer) bears due to withdrawal from the sales agreement is the cost of returning the products to the merchant.

The purchased products must be returned to the merchant immediately or within 14 days from the date of the notice of withdrawal from the sales agreement at the latest. The purchased products must be returned to the merchant undamaged, in the same quantity, unless the products are destroyed, spoiled, lost, or their quantity reduced without the fault of the user (buyer).

The merchant shall, as soon as possible and no later than 14 days from the receipt of the notice of withdrawal, return the paid amount or used gift voucher to the user (buyer) for the returned products. The merchant shall refund the received payments to the user (buyer) using the same payment method that the user (buyer) used, unless the user explicitly requested the use of another payment method and the user does not bear any costs for it. The used gift voucher shall be refunded in the form of a credit note.

Although we always act in good faith, mistakes can happen when making changes to the website.

The merchant undertakes to rectify any errors as soon as possible.

The user may inform the merchant of any errors via email at [email protected].

If unauthorized costs have been incurred due to an error, the merchant undertakes to settle them as soon as possible.

The merchant carefully packs all products in a delivery box before sending. All products are carefully inspected before packaging, undamaged, and in their original packaging.

The notice of withdrawal or the product is deemed to have been sent on time if the shipment is sent within the deadline.

In distance selling, the merchant may withhold the refund of received payments until the returned goods are received, or until the user (buyer) provides proof that the goods have been sent back, unless the merchant offers the possibility of collecting the returned goods themselves.

The user (buyer) does not have the right to withdraw from a distance contract for the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons if the user (buyer) has opened the seal after delivery.

  1. Remedies for material defects

A defect is material if:

  • the item does not have the properties necessary for its normal use or for traffic;
  • the item does not have the properties necessary for a particular use for which the buyer is purchasing it and which were known or should have been known to the seller;
  • the item does not have the expressly or impliedly agreed properties or characteristics;
  • the seller has delivered an item that does not correspond to the sample or model, unless the sample or model was shown only for notification.

The Buyer must notify the Seller and provide a precise description of the defect via the customer support chat on our website within two months of the day on which the defect was discovered. The Seller is not responsible for defects that occur after 2 years from the date of purchase. The Buyer must allow the Seller to inspect the product.

If the user (buyer) complains about a product within the first six months after receiving it, the Seller must prove that the complaint is unfounded, meaning that the product does not have a defect. If the user (buyer) files a complaint after six months from receiving the product, the existence of the defect must be proven by the user (buyer) themselves.

The user who has properly notified the Seller of the defect has the right to demand from the seller:

  • to remedy the defect in the item, or
  • to return a proportionate amount of the paid price in relation to the defect, or
  • to replace the defective item with a new item that is free of defects, or
  • to refund the paid amount.

The decision as to which guarantee claim to assert is exclusively up to the consumer and is not tied to any particular order of asserting them.

If the existence of a defect in the item is not disputed, the Seller must comply with the user’s request as soon as possible, but no later than within eight days.

The Seller must respond in writing to the user’s request no later than eight days after receiving it, if the existence of a defect in the item or an irregularity in the service performed is disputed.

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to the highest ethical standards in business and consumer protection, which is also reflected in our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In accordance with the conditions specified below, we provide a 60-day return option, i.e. a satisfaction guarantee. This allows the customer (buyer) to return purchased products even after the expiration of the 14-day right of withdrawal. The customer (buyer) can do so by sending the products back to us (at the address Agrosloven z.o.o., Trstenik 1C, 4204 Golnik). We will refund the full purchase price of the products to the customer, except for shipping and return costs, provided that the buyer has fulfilled all conditions specified below.

To claim the satisfaction guarantee, the customer (buyer) must send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Return within 60 days”. In the message, the customer must state the reasons for the return. By sending the email, the customer (buyer) is deemed to be exercising their right to claim the satisfaction guarantee. This email is the only valid way to claim the satisfaction guarantee. The provider does not consider any other form of communication in this regard.

Products that have a satisfaction guarantee are clearly marked in the online store. If the customer (buyer) is not satisfied with the purchase, the merchant will refund the full purchase price within 30 days from the date of claiming the satisfaction guarantee. The only cost that the customer (buyer) bears for claiming the satisfaction guarantee is the cost of returning the products to the merchant.

The satisfaction guarantee is valid for 60 days from the receipt of the shipment for one package of Kruceficx products. The customer (buyer) can also receive a refund for packages purchased together with an already opened product, but the customer (buyer) must return the unused products in their original packaging and quantities, and must also return the packaging of the already used products, unless they have been destroyed, damaged, lost, or their quantity has decreased without the customer (buyer) having used them.

The satisfaction guarantee can only be claimed with the original invoice.

The customer (buyer) cannot claim the satisfaction guarantee more than once a year for the same product. Within one year, the customer (buyer) can claim a maximum of three satisfaction guarantees for different products.

The merchant guarantees that the product will work according to its intended purpose if the user (buyer) follows the instructions provided. This is the basis for claiming the satisfaction guarantee. For more information on the product return process, please contact us at [email protected].

  1. Delivery

The merchant will deliver the ordered products to the user (buyer) within the agreed-upon timeframe. Delivery is only possible to addresses in the Republic of Slovenia. The contractual partners of the merchant for package delivery are indicated at the end of the purchasing process. The merchant reserves the right to choose a different delivery service if it can fulfill the order more efficiently.

If there is visible damage to the packaging or goods, the buyer must make a complaint to the provider or delivery service upon receiving the goods. The buyer is not obligated to accept such goods and can reject the shipment. If the package is physically damaged, missing its contents, shows signs of being opened, or if the products in the package are damaged but the buyer still accepts it, the buyer must initiate a complaint process with the provider.

  1. Security

The merchant uses appropriate technological and organizational measures to protect the transmission and storage of personal data and payments.

Authorized online systems are responsible for secure authorizations and credit card transactions. Credit card authorizations are performed in real-time with immediate verification of the data by banks. Card data is not stored on the merchant’s server.

The user is also responsible for their own security, by ensuring the security of their username and password and by using appropriate antivirus software.

  1. Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is also part of these General Terms and Conditions and is available at the link Privacy Policy.

  1. Liability

The merchant does their best to ensure the timeliness and correctness of the information published in their online store, but product characteristics, delivery times, or prices can change so quickly that the merchant may not be able to correct the information in time.

Although the merchant strives to provide accurate photos of the products for sale in their online store, all photos must be taken as symbolic. Photos do not guarantee the characteristics of the product.

  1. Complaints, Disputes, and Use of Law

The merchant complies with applicable consumer protection regulations. The merchant has an effective system for handling complaints and has designated a person with whom the user (buyer) can contact via email in case of problems. In the event of problems or complaints, the user (buyer) contacts the merchant via email. The complaint resolution process is confidential.

The merchant will confirm receipt of the complaint within five business days and resolve the solution to the warranty or guarantee claim within the legally prescribed period. The merchant will do their best to resolve any disputes amicably. If an amicable solution cannot be reached, the responsible local court under Article 51 of the Civil Procedure Act (ZPP) for resolving all disputes between the merchant and the user (buyer) is the court in the territorial jurisdiction in which the obligation subject to the dispute would need to be fulfilled.

These General Terms and Conditions of Business and all disputes between the Merchant and the user (buyer) shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Slovenian law.

For all relationships and rights and obligations that are not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions of Business, the provisions of the Obligations Code, the Electronic Commerce on the Market Act, the Personal Data Protection Act, and the Consumer Protection Act shall apply accordingly.

14.1 Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution

In accordance with legal norms, the Merchant does not recognize any out-of-court consumer dispute resolution provider as competent to resolve a consumer dispute that the consumer could initiate under the Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Act (hereinafter: ZlsRPS).

In the event that the customer/consumer is not satisfied with the solution to the complaint, the consumer can file a proposal for initiating out-of-court resolution of a specific consumer dispute through the European platform for online consumer dispute resolution (SRPS) in accordance with the ZlsRPS. Agrosloven also publishes an electronic link to the European SRPS in accordance with the ZlsRPS:

The customer can also decide to file a lawsuit with the competent court based on their permanent residence.

  1. Changes to General Terms and Conditions of Business

In the event of changes to regulations governing online store operations, data protection, and other areas related to the Merchant’s online store operations, as well as changes to its own business policy, the Merchant may change and/or supplement these General Terms and Conditions of Business, which will be communicated to users in an appropriate manner, including through notification on the Agrosloven website. Each change and/or supplement to the General Terms and Conditions of Business shall become effective and applicable eight days after the publication of the changes and/or supplements. If changes and/or supplements to the General Terms and Conditions of Business are necessary to comply with regulations, these changes and/or supplements may exceptionally come into effect and application in a shorter period.

A user who does not agree with the changes and/or supplements to these General Terms and Conditions of Business must cancel their registration within eight days of the notification of the changes and/or supplements to the General Terms and Conditions of Business. Otherwise, after this period, it is deemed, and contrary evidence is not admissible, that the user accepts the changes and/or supplements to the General Terms and Conditions of Business. The cancellation of registration is made by the user by notifying the Merchant in writing of the cancellation.

The General Terms and Conditions of Business were adopted by the management of the Agrosloven cooperative, located in Trstenik, on 22 February 2023.