CBD Cannabinoid and Insomnia


We spend as much as a third of our lives sleeping. But do we know what sleep actually is?

Sleep is a natural physical state in which the body regenerates, accumulates energy and consolidates memories. When we sleep we are not aware of our surroundings, but we go through four or five sleep cycles:

  • drowsiness (transition from wakefulness to sleep),
  • light sleep (slowing of brain waves, heart rate and lowering of body temperature)
  • two stages of deep sleep (slowed breathing, deep, restorative sleep) and
  • REM sleep. REM sleep means the active phase of sleep in which most dreams occur. This phase is characterized by intense brain activity, faster shallow breathing, accelerated heart rate.

What causes insomnia?

Our body needs an average of seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

Sleep problems are caused by several factors.

Among the most common are: stress, anxiety, illnesses, improper diet before bed and other problems.

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. It can be short-term insomnia, which is the result of daily stress and emotional excitement. This is not dangerous to health, but it affects concentration the next day, which can be felt in work that requires concentration and responsibility.

If sleep problems last for more than a month, at least three times a week, we are talking about chronic insomnia.

With this, a person has trouble falling asleep, wakes up many times at night, sleep is of poor quality and wakes up too early in the morning.

All this results in distress at night and fatigue during the day.

Of course, it is a very serious and serious problem, which we are trying to eliminate with all our might. We are aware that our mental and physical health is at risk.

hemp helps with insomnia

CBD drops for sleep – influence on the cycle of sleep and wakefulness

Some research shows that the cannabinoid CBD can interact with specific receptors, which can affect the sleep-wake cycle.

CBD cannabinoid affects the serotonin, dopamine and nervous system through its action. This means it affects mood, willpower, energy, concentration, pain, anxiety and sleep.

How can CBD sleep drops help?

  • CBD helps reduce anxiety in insomnia,
  • calms the brain and body,
  • reduces anxiety,
  • affects both sleepiness and wakefulness,
  • reduces cortisol levels,
  • affects pain as a cause of insomnia.
Agrosloven 5 750 ml 2

To relieve insomnia, we can use the cannabinoid CBD in several forms:       

  • as CBD oil for oral use,
  • as CBD oil for lubrication,
  • CBD as a food additive,
  • CBD for vaping,
  • CBD as a tincture.

New research in this area is also accelerating, but according to the data known so far, in the case of short-term or chronic insomnia, it is definitely recommended to use the help of the cannabinoid CBD.

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    • matija says:

      Hello Zinka,

      Of course, here is the instruction for using CBD drops for insomnia:

      1. Check the recommended dosage: CBD drops packaging will usually state the recommended dosage. Start with a lower dosage and gradually increase as needed to find what amount works best for you. The recommended dose may vary depending on the concentration of CBD in the product.

      2. Prepare the drops: Before use, shake the bottle of CBD drops well to mix the ingredients evenly.

      3. Apply the drops: Open the bottle and apply the desired number of drops under the tongue with a pipette or dropper. Hold the drops under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. This allows the rapid absorption of CBD into the bloodstream through the mucosa.

      4. Follow a schedule: Follow the usage schedule recommended by the manufacturer or expert. Some people prefer to take CBD drops in the evening, about an hour before bed, while others may need regular dosing throughout the day or in the morning.

      5. Be consistent: For best results, it is important to use CBD drops regularly and consistently. Some people may benefit from regular use every day, while others may only need occasional dosing.

      6. Monitor the response: Pay attention to your body and observe how you feel after using CBD drops. If you need a dose adjustment or if side effects occur, consult your doctor or specialist for advice.

      We are available for any additional questions.

      the AgroSloven team

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